My daily housekeeping must-dos

I am my home’s Chief Cleaning Officer.  Cleaning is a big part of my portfolio as a SAHM.  I think it’s the same for most families.  Mom is the main housekeeper.  I embrace my role with gladness because I am blessed with a house to keep and a family to care for.

Cleaning is tiring and overwhelming when I have other tasks and priorities.  Cleaning is a never-ending job but it needs to get done.   I found that it helps when I have a routine and habits that make it almost second nature to get things going.

Here are my daily must-dos or habits I have for cleaning my home.


1. Make the Bed

This is the first thing I do each morning after I wake up.  Having a made bed makes the room clean and fresh and it sets me moving to other tasks.  At the end of the day, I can climb in and relax on a clean bed.

Image result for bed

2. Do the laundry

I do a load of laundry everyday.  There’s always a lot of clothes in the laundry basket so if I skip a day it would be disastrous the next day.  I hang and fold the clean laundry and put them away so that there will not be a back log and my family always have clean clothes ready to wear.

Image result for laundry

3. Clean the bathroom counters

My bathroom counters always seem to have water and water marks on them everyday.  I wipe the counters and mirrors down with a micro-fibre cloth and vinegar and water.  I also clean the toilet seats daily.

Image result for clean bathroom


4. Mop the floors

My floors are dusty everyday.  And with a dog running around and playing ball in the house, mopping the floors is a must-do.  I spray on floor cleaning detergent and give myself 20 to 30 minutes to get this done.

Image result for mopping the floor


5. Clean the kitchen

My kitchen is always busy.  I cook everyday so cleaning the stove, counters, appliances, utensils, dishes and sink are daily tasks.  It helps to multi-task when working in the kitchen.  I always clean up utensils or spills as I cook.  For example while waiting for the soup to come to a boil I will wash the bowls and utensils I used or clean up any splashes or spills.  Each night, I will clean up the sink with baking soda and dish soap before going to bed.

Image result for cleaning the kitchen sink

6. Empty the trash

Trash bins harbour odours and bacteria.  I bag up the trash each night and bring them out.  Once a week, I give the trash bins a wipe down with vinegar and water.

Image result for emptying the trash

7. Quick scan and pick-up

At the end of the day, I do a quick scan around the living room and bedrooms to put things back to where they belong.  My daughter would sometimes go to bed forgetting to put her things back.  I will place them neatly on the dining table and get her to keep them the next day.  I will do a quick 10 minute tidy up to put things like remote controls and pillows back to their designated places.

Image result for hdb living room


After all these are done, it’s time to hop into bed to get some needed rest.

These are my daily must-dos.  What are your daily must-dos?  I hope to hear yours.

Blessed day!




3 thoughts on “My daily housekeeping must-dos”

    1. Thank you for visiting. It took me time to build these routines into my life. Overall I am glad I did because daily maintenance makes life easier and no major clean-up or massive spring cleaning is necessary. Blessed day and cheers!


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