My weekly cleaning routine


Following my post on my daily cleaning routine (you can read the post here), I’d like to share a little about my weekly routine.

I’m not one who likes to clean but I like a clean home.  There are so many benefits to a clean home.  When the environment is clean there is much less bacteria lurking around.  There is also less dust.  This means that chances of falling ill and allergic breakouts such as sinus and eczema are minimised.  This also translates to saving time and money from going to the doctor’s office.

There are days that I procrastinate and put off cleaning because there are better things to do like spending time with family or working on a hobby.  I know that with procrastination comes accumulation of more housework (and harmful bacteria) and so I came up with daily and weekly cleaning routines.  When routines and habits are formed, you will know when it is time to get to work.  It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit.  I think this may be quite true though I didn’t record how long I took to make cleaning routines part of my lifestyle.  But I was pretty sure it didn’t take very long.  I just kept sticking to what were in my daily and weekly list and worked on them.  I have found that these few tips work for  me when I clean.  I am not an expert in cleaning and do not have the cleanest home but I find that some of these things work for me.

  1. Get cleaning supplies organised and ready for use

    I get my cleaning supplies all organised in a cleaning caddy.  I grab the cleaning caddy instead of going around grabbing items individually.  Cleaning is so much easier when I have the items I need within reach.  It saves so much time in having to go in and out getting things I need in the midst of cleaning.  The items in my cleaning caddy are rags, mirco-fibre cloth, cleaning toothbrush, sponge, gloves, cleaning detergent and all-purpose cleaner.

  2. Set a fixed amount of time for each cleaning task

    When I am cleaning, I like to set a time for myself to finish the task I am working on.  For example, I set the timer on my phone to 30 minutes to complete taking off and putting on my bed sheets.  Then I work fast and try to stick to the given time so that I don’t have to spend more time than necessary to complete it.  Setting a time limit to your tasks helps you to stay focused and efficient.

  3. Play some music

    I find music a mood lifter and I like playing music when I am cleaning.  Cleaning is mundane work and playing music helps make the job a little more pleasant.  Play your favourite songs or tunes and work at the same time.  Maybe cleaning need not be so painful after all.

  4. Reward yourself after that

    I give myself small rewards like watching my favourite TV show or going for a walk when I finish my tasks.  Similarly, you deserve a nice treat or reward after working so hard.

So back to my weekly cleaning!  Things that are on my weekly list are the ones that are bigger in size and more time intensive like:

  • Changing the bed sheets
  • Washing the toilet bowls
  • Scrubbing the showers and tub
  • Cleaning the windows
  • Cleaning the fridge
  • Cleaning the fans
  • Deep cleaning the stove top

I take one or two tasks per day throughout the week to complete them.  But I try to stick to the same days, for example I wash the toilet bowls on Mondays, change the bed sheets on Tuesdays and so on.  Sticking to the days helps in spacing out the time things are clean to the time they get dirty again.  It also makes work easier and less tiring.

And so to summarise, here is a list of my daily and weekly cleaning routines.

cleaning routine final

What are your cleaning routines and tips?  We all have different items to clean and different frequencies as well.  I hope these tips work for you.  Happy cleaning!



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