Lovinthesimple is a little space in the internet where I share what I’ve been making in my kitchen.  I love baking and most times prefer to bake breads and sweets instead of buying them from the stores.  I also love cooking meals for my family.  We are a small family of husband, wife, daughter and a toy poodle.  We live in the Little Red Dot.  Ever heard of Little Red Dot?  Well, it’s another name for Singapore.  We are a little red dot on the World Map thus the name.

A little about me:  I love living a simple life.  Being able to be with family, enjoying the greenery from my window, a hot cup of coffee, sitting with my dog, are blissful moments for me.  I enjoy baking and cooking dishes that my family likes.  Eating together means a lot to me.  Our meals are never fanciful, rather they are mostly simple and healthy, balancing carbs, protein, vitamins and fat.  Living in Singapore where hawker food are so good, it is sometimes inevitable to crave for a bit of roti prata, nasi lemak, fried oyster omelette.  Confession, we indulge in hawker food once a week.  On the other days, I cook our meals with less oil, salt, sugar and seasonings.  I believe in eating in moderation and not being too hard on ourselves.

In addition to baking and cooking I also find satisfaction in cleaning and organising my home.  I love a clean home.  I love things looking and smelling fresh.  Home is where everyone retreats to after a work and school day so I try my best to make it pleasant when my family walks in.

I hope you stay around Lovinthesimple for simple eating, cleaning and organising ideas.

PS:  I am not an expert in any of the above fields.  Cooking, cleaning and organising are purely my interests.   I hope to just share some of my thoughts in this blog.  Thanks for stopping by.

Have a beautiful day!

♥ Karen ♥