DIY Hand Sanitizer

Most of us will remember our childhood days when Mom would ask us to do our homework, make our beds, pack our bags, have our lunch, wash our hands…the list goes on.  I’m so glad that Mom reminds and instills in us to do all these things.

Today, I want to zoom in on the habit of hand hygiene instilled by Mom from many years ago.  Keeping my hands clean has become a habit for me.  I wash my hands many times a day to keep germs away.  After my daughter was born, I was more conscious than ever about hand hygiene.  An infant’s immunity is low so I was really mindful to wash my hands before washing her bottles, cleaning and playing with her.   As she grew and up till today, I still remind her about hand hygiene and how it is related to our overall health.

While it’s best to wash hands with soap and water it’s not always possible when I’m outside.  When the restroom is out of the way, I’ll reach for a hand sanitizer as the next best alternative or as a temporary measure.  I always carry wet tissues and hand sanitizer in my bag.  Wet tissues are good for wiping seats, spills and hands but I prefer using hand sanitizer because it’s able to disinfect hands more effectively.


I started making hand sanitizers with essential oils last year.  Before that, I was using sanitizers from the pharmacy.  I didn’t really like the smells that some of them had and wondered if I could make my own.  I realised there were many hand sanitizer recipes all over the internet.

Most recipes call for tea tree oil (also known as melaleuca) because of its disinfecting, antiseptic, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.  I use tea tree oil for healing acne and it works much better than any other remedies I’ve tried.  Now I also use it for my DIY hand sanitizer.  In addition to tea tree oil, it is good to add aloe vera and Vitamin E oil to calm, nourish and hydrate the skin.


DIY Hand Sanitizer


2 drops tea tree oil

3 drops essential oil with antimicrobial properties (I use lavender because it has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties)

1 tablespoon witch hazel or rubbing alcohol

2 tablespoons distilled water

1 teaspoon aloe vera

1 teaspoon Vitamin E oil

1 small spray bottle


Mix everything together in a bowl and pour into spray bottle.

Recipe source:


Simple recipe and I love it.  I’d like to thank the author for sharing.

Have a nice day